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LLC "Erismann"

Voskresensk, Moscow region


Basic software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0

Modules and tools


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The purpose of the project: Improving quality of customer service on account of implementation of a system, which would enable improving accounting of products shipped from warehouse of the company.

Such implementation should solve several tasks at the same time:

  • reduce errors of accounting related to human factor
  • reduce number of underloading of goods and exclude any possibility of loading of extra amount of goods
  • reduce errors in sorting of shipped products

To automate products shipped from the warehouse management of Erismann Company decided to implement bar scanning technology and integrate radio terminals of data collection with Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Work under the project comprise three stages:

  • development and testing of the system;
  • preliminary testing (performed by the developer together with operation service of the customer);
  • trial operation


After implementation of the project information from mobile terminals with bar code scanners enters  Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, what enable controlling contents and number of products shipped from the warehouse and check their conformation to available order.

According to Denis Tokmakov, head of IT department of Erismann Company, "we can note benefits of working with the system even now: errors at shipment of goods have been practically eliminated, we have a possibility to ensure online control over the process, what, in its turn, enables planning further shipments and notify our customer to that effect. At the moment we perform inventory count of the warehouse and we hope that in future, due to implemented system, we will be able to exclude deviation of goods stock at the warehouse. It will increase quality of customer service and trust to our work significantly".


"Advantages of working with the system, we can mention now: practically eliminated errors in the shipment of goods, it is possible to control the process in real time, which in turn allows you to schedule shipment and inform our customers."

Denis Tokmakov,    
head of IT department