Business automation

IT- market today offers many different ready-made solutions and the possibility of creating systems "to order". In this case we don't have univocal answer - what is better. A matter of choice or that decision is based on many factors characterizing the situation of each individual company. Anyway, but every business is unique and ignore this fact would be a mistake. Manufacturing automation, distribution automation or transportation logistics have their own characteristics and uses different approaches. One of the key factors influencing the choice of IT- architecture should be primarily attributed structure relationship of all divisions of the company, including remote offices, warehouses, production and sales centers. Here it is imperative that architecture will reflect the entire business enterprise and given a full and clear situation of the business in all its units. This also applies to the structure of financial responsibility centers, and revenue and expenditure structure, and the structure of the cash flow. Separately, we emphasize that it refers to the automation of planning and accounting processes.

The fundamental purpose of the implementation of automation projects of enterprises is a significant increase in the efficiency of government in which the maximum profit is achieved at minimum cost. That's why automation projects should be considered primarily in terms of the needs of your business and building automated control systems must correspond exactly to the principle of "The system should work for business" and in any case, not vice versa.

How to provide it? First of all, at any stage of the life cycle of the enterprise must constantly monitor the vital needs of the business . These needs are not constant: what was true a year or two ago loses its priorities and new ones appear. Now uses integrated management systems can achieve exactly this kind of flexibility in management, having the functions of planning, forecasting, accounting, analysis and having composed more technological capabilities, again, such as bar-coding and electronic commerce.

However, even the presence of a broad functional systems and high-tech equipment is insufficient. Today almost all manufacturers of complex automation systems and, in particular, Microsoft as one of the key players in this market, offering businesses not only the solutions but also specially designed methodology of their implementation, involving the modeling of business processes. Given the many years of implementation experience, the methodologies to consider and minimize all project risks and their compliance automation business will be conducted as efficiently as possible. 

Our specialists, possessing profound knowledge both in business solutions from Microsoft, and the methodology of their implementation, provide the highest level of services for the implementation of ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have extensive experience in successful implementation of automation projects in companies of various profiles . Paying close attention to every detail , our solutions fully meet the demand of efficiency and allow us to solve even the most complex challenges facing our clients . Enterprise automation carried out using Microsoft Dynamics NAV is considered by us as one of the most flexible and effective tool as automation -oriented small business and address the needs of medium and large companies.