Gantt chart

NaviServ Company provides a functional solution of application of Gantt chart for planning and control of production orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Significantly expanding and amending standard functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this solution is implemented in the form of a certain application built on the basis of VARCHART XGantt component from Netronic Company.

System architecture of the solution is implemented on the basis of web-service mechanisms that enable connecting application to Microsoft Dynamics NAV by means of global Internet network, what enables using it from any point of the world.

Implemented functions of the application ensured transparent production planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. 

Gantt chart reflects time loading of machines for performance of rows of production orders with hierarchic grouping on working and machine centers. Setting required site, machine, and time period in the system and setting valid operating date, the user gets required selection of data, reflecting finished, pending and planned tasks. Progress of performance of production order rows is displayed in the form of colored staining of respective time period in row chart. 

Itemization of any unit reflects additional analytical data of order rows: code and name of the customer, sales order number, release and required stock for production. 

Calendars built in VARCHART XGantt are used to reflect downtime on machine center. 

Direct integration with ERP-system from Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables opening required production order in the System, choosing a respective row of the chart.

The solution on the use of Gantt charts is built on the basis of typical solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Microsoft Company, VARCHART XGantt component from Netronic company and amendments performed by NaviServ Company.