Project management

NaviServ Company is a complex solution for automation of project management. Such solution is designed to create a unified integrated information system aimed to increase promptness of data exchange and increase speed of data processing by financial and design services of the company.

Architecture of the solution stipulates possibility of creating continuous relations between management administration system built on the basis of ERP-system from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and tools of calendar-network planning and project recording (e.g., Microsoft Project or Primavera). Whereas at creation of this solution principles of target orientation of every system to its group of users, its tasks and methods of accounting have been taken into account. Management administration of the company built in terms of projects enables controlling economic feedback from performance of every specific project. But if specialized Project-systems should not be used, in this case management administration takes all the functions of operation with projects without any integration. And possibility of connecting any additional elements to Microsoft Dynamics NAV will enable integrating functions of Gantt charts. Such approach stipulates that management administration should include functions required for design division units. At the same time the system enables, if required, transferring from one option to another even directly in the course of its operation without any loss of data.

The solution for automation of project management stipulates rather flexible options of its application. Thus, for example, management administration and accounting (tax records) can be set in a different way at establishment of a complex ERP-system. All the structure of projects can be implemented solely in management administration, whereas only consolidated data will be reflected in accounting and tax records. Such principle enable ensuring required specification of data in management administration for business management of the company and avoid extra overloading with analytical data in accounting and tax records.

In case of a comprehensive structure of the company, when projects are distributed between several legal entities, a project can be assigned to a certain legal entity. Management administration of the whole holding company will cover all the variety of projects of all the legal entities, whereas accounting of a certain legal entity – only projects related to it. Assignment of projects to legal entities is important in terms of accurate establishment of primary documents, for example, certificates and invoices from this legal entity of the company.

Such solution stipulated as management tool ensures transparency of management of available resources of the company and prompt control over profitability of project implemented by it on account of settlement of the following tasks:

Keeping life cycle of the projects pursuant to unified regulations

  • Keeping a pool of projects and resource pool in specialized project-systems, like Microsoft Project, Primavera.
  • Approval of project opening by financial department of the company with reference of opened project to any separate group of projects, center of financial liability, legal entity of the Customer and any required analytical features. Opened project is included in the structure of management administration of the company as unit of income and loss allocation. Whereas incomes and expenses can be allocated to a certain project or a group of projects as well.
  • Automatic transfer of opened projects to management financial accounting system from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and generation of a unique code of the project as global analytical feature.
  • Management and financial accounting of any types of incomes and expenses on the projects.
  • Automatic distribution of indirect expenses to projects according to set algorithms of distribution. Such algorithms of distribution can be set in a different way in management and financial accounting.
  • Recording of the project closing and establishment of final financial result on the project..

Recording of the company’s resources and their use in the projects

  • Keeping reference book of resources of the company synchronized with project-systems on their accounting groups.
  • Separating HR and supplies.
  • Keeping and recording of logbooks of resources consumption with reference to projects or non-production downtime.
  • Control over loading and performance of resources.

Itemized cost accounting for a certain project and similar groups of projects

  • Possibility of assignment of costs established on the grounds of financial primary documents to a certain project or a certain group of similar projects.
  • Distribution of group costs on the projects pursuant to set basis of distribution.
  • Possibility of itemized on-line control over project costs.

Keeping financial accounting, establishment of analytical statements on the projects and the company as a whole

  • Possibility to assign the project, as a global analytical aspect, to any financial operation.
  • Establishment of statements on margin profit of the company in terms of projects, customers and centers of financial liability..
  • Establishment of management and financial analytical reports by analytics in terms of projects, time period, articles Cash flow, articles Profit Loss, legal entities of holding company and contractors, as well as types of activity. Management analysis in terms of such analytical aspects. 

Project management solution is built on the basis of typical solution from Microsoft Company and amendments performed by NaviServ Company.